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Today I had Cypress Grove from Ramblin' Jeffrey Lee, tell me that my piece titled "Mother of Earth" written about Jeffrey Lee himself, touched him and he thought it was beautiful.

I'm in no way trying to brag or anything, but this left me just about speechless. Having someone who worked and toured with Jeffrey for the very last years of his life and on top of that who I admire anyway, tell me that was just totally awe-inspiring.

He's even willing to do an interview for a newish magazine a couple of friends and I have, titled Swampland.

speaking of which, please check it out, i'd appreciate it.


and we're on myspace too if you feel so inclined.

so far we have interviews on it from the likes of:

Sons of Perdition, Munly & the Lee Lewis Harlots, the Guilty Hearts, Sioux City Pete & the Beggars, Sour Jazz and more.


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Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds doing 'Sex Beat'

sorry it's butchered and not in its entirety but it was shot on a camera video so the whole thing couldn't fit, I guess ..but you still get the idea.

It was a great show.

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seriously, I can't be the only one around here with some good gun club or things related to, stories, can I!?

speaking of which, on November 15th I went and saw Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds play at a local bar and I had the honor, along with my good friend stonerose and my boyfriend, Leon, to meet Kid Congo!!

Leon mentioned to him about his singing with the Gun Club reunion and Kid Congo said that he really enjoyed getting back together with his old band but sad to say, he said, he doesn't see it ever happening again. :/

That night they did a lovely instrumental rendition of Mother of Earth and then they also did Sex Beat complete with Kid's wonderful facial expressions.

It was such a tremendous honor to meet him and actually shake his hand, I was in awe and trying not to be a total shy nerd the whole time.

anyone else here ever meet Kid Congo?? what where your experiences?

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I wrote this a while ago about a month before the 10th anniversary of Jeffrey's passing, thought i'd post it here since this community seems to have come to a halt.

“Go tell the mountain,” is all he spoke. The mountain was where savage met serene, it had a quiet beauty all its own that stretched for mile after mile. Trees and other vegetation sprawled over the land, grabbing, reaching, clinging. The sun was so bright it seemed to touch every corner of dark that it could possibly find. A breeze shook over the trees with such a brilliant subtlety that it was hardly even noticeable.

His voice was a soft flutter of melody, serene like the mountain itself. Standing upon a rock, his golden blonde hair radiated in the breeze as the rays of the sun swirled it through its fingers. He wore a jacket of dark blue. It eased its way down his thighs with buttons gleaming in the sun, as the rays, too, reached out to cover their darkness. A pair of worn, faded jeans led their way to boots, once black but now masked in earth. His eyes, deep and arcane, gazed off into the distance. Smoke bellowed from a near by house and slowly dissipated as if the fresh air had swallowed it whole, twirling around before giving in to its final surrender. The wind suddenly picked up as if it were attempting to whisper.

His eyes fluttered softly with an unspoken understanding between cities and the earth that they stood on. He followed his roots, like the strings of a guitar, playing a song of such love and desperation. One could tell he had dreams embedded within, full of such melancholy beauty. His name was Shaku Chi Ken, follower of Buddha, with wisdom and vision. He was there to give up the sun.
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Ghost on the Highway

Thursday, June 29, 2006


"Brings out luminaries it takes a hard-core fan to appreciate." Variety

A high-energy mix of film and music, the festival celebrates the rock ’n’ roll roots of Hollywood with classic and brand-new rock films that contain quintessential music performances and vintage footage of important artists in their prime, plus live shows by fresh musical talents who embody the spirit of rock innovation. Founded by filmmaker and MacArthur Fellow Allison Anders, DKTR is a fan-based festival that is entertaining, adventurous, insightful and always way ahead of expectations. See dontknocktherock.com for more information.

Screening and Live Performance

8:00 PM
Ghost on the Highway: A Portrait of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club
World Premiere

The Gun Club
With Kid Congo Powers, Ward Dotson, Terry Graham and Special Guest Vocalist

Thu 6.29.06, 8:00 pm $30

more info at: http://redcat.org/season/0506/mus/knock1.php


I'm going to try my best to be there although money's a little tight for me right now.
& I know who the special guest vocalist is!
Catfish is all I have to say, congrats, sir! <3.
now please don't puke out of stage fright!!

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I know none of this really pertains to anyone here because none of you obviously even live in the area to of been able to go to last nights show but it was really all so exciting for me that I just have to write about my night!

Last night at the Jeffrey Lee Pierce memorial, I met Jacqui Pierce, she was a total sweetheart.
Each band played great sets and each did their own covers of several Gun Club songs.
Then the last band that came out was my friend, Edgar's band, the Guilty Hearts, on stage with them was one of Jeffrey's jackets, you know the one that he's wearing in the picture for this comm's background? I simply asked my friend if I could touch it because I am just that much of a fan ad he said' "yes" then all of the sudden I was up there with them singing Gun Club covers left and right, I even sang with Jacqui! and Gabe Hart of the Starvations! It was SO surreal and amazing to me.
They also were handing out some Gun Club 12" with "Walkin' with the Beast" and "Secret Fires" on it, which I got one of.
Jacqui also dj'ed a great set courtesy of Jeffrey's collection.
I drank some good whiskey and all around it was a great night.

R.I.P. ol' Jeffrey Lee, you're surely missed.

R.I.P. Jeffrey Lee Pierce

Image hosting by Photobucket

Ten years ago Los Angeles and the rest of world lost a merry prankster; an artist, a singer, and an innovator - Jeffrey Lee Pierce left us all too soon on March 31, 1996. But he left a legacy in his music with the Gun Club and his solo records. He gave us a peek into his mind with his memoirs in Go Tell the Mountain.

Please join us on Friday March 31st, 2006 to celebrate the life of this man, his myth and the music he left behind. This celebration marks the 10th anniversary of Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s passing. His family, friends and fans will gather at the Scene in Glendale to remember, honor and dance.

Live performances by…

DJ Jacqui Pierce (Jeffrey's sister) will be spinning from Jeffrey’s record collection.
DJ Keith Morris will also be making a guest appearance.

Who knows what other surprises may be in store?

Friday March 31st, 2006 at The Scene Bar in Glendale.
Doors open at 9 pm. The show will start at 10pm.
cover $7. 21+

I'm going, are YOU?

Cry of The Metal Dog

Gun Club guitar tabs, and another link

Being a novice-to-middling-level guitar player (with not enough of a trained ear or the handy free time to learn Gun Club songs just by listening to my records/CDs over and over--hey, at least I'm honest), this site was a true *gold mine* for me.

If any of you have a guitar handy and lying around--grab it, click the link below, find a song that moves you, and start strumming! Listen to your CDs, play along...and *absorb that soul-deep vibe*.


Also, of course--Hellione's joint (just to be thorough):


Till again--all best, stay safe.

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