I murder her dress and she loves it. (funeral_empire) wrote in fire_of_love,
I murder her dress and she loves it.

I know none of this really pertains to anyone here because none of you obviously even live in the area to of been able to go to last nights show but it was really all so exciting for me that I just have to write about my night!

Last night at the Jeffrey Lee Pierce memorial, I met Jacqui Pierce, she was a total sweetheart.
Each band played great sets and each did their own covers of several Gun Club songs.
Then the last band that came out was my friend, Edgar's band, the Guilty Hearts, on stage with them was one of Jeffrey's jackets, you know the one that he's wearing in the picture for this comm's background? I simply asked my friend if I could touch it because I am just that much of a fan ad he said' "yes" then all of the sudden I was up there with them singing Gun Club covers left and right, I even sang with Jacqui! and Gabe Hart of the Starvations! It was SO surreal and amazing to me.
They also were handing out some Gun Club 12" with "Walkin' with the Beast" and "Secret Fires" on it, which I got one of.
Jacqui also dj'ed a great set courtesy of Jeffrey's collection.
I drank some good whiskey and all around it was a great night.

R.I.P. ol' Jeffrey Lee, you're surely missed.

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