November 21st, 2006

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seriously, I can't be the only one around here with some good gun club or things related to, stories, can I!?

speaking of which, on November 15th I went and saw Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds play at a local bar and I had the honor, along with my good friend stonerose and my boyfriend, Leon, to meet Kid Congo!!

Leon mentioned to him about his singing with the Gun Club reunion and Kid Congo said that he really enjoyed getting back together with his old band but sad to say, he said, he doesn't see it ever happening again. :/

That night they did a lovely instrumental rendition of Mother of Earth and then they also did Sex Beat complete with Kid's wonderful facial expressions.

It was such a tremendous honor to meet him and actually shake his hand, I was in awe and trying not to be a total shy nerd the whole time.

anyone else here ever meet Kid Congo?? what where your experiences?